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Vaccines are Required for Boarding

To prevent the spread of disease, we require vaccines for cats and dogs who will be boarding with us. If your pet was vaccinated at another veterinary clinic, we require proof of vaccination from the clinic. However, if they do not have the required vaccines, they may be examined and vaccinated by the doctor during their stay.

Dogs: Rabies / Distemper / Bordatella / Influenza / Fecal
Cats: Rabies / FVRCP / Fecal

Pet Medications

If your pet requires medication like antibiotics or insulin during its stay, our staff will ensure proper dosage and care.
Dog Boarding, Dog Kennel

Dog Boarding

We have a large boarding area with plenty of room for your best friend. Our runs come in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate every breed. Each dog has their own run, complete with radiant floor heating, and is taken outside twice daily. All runs have separation panels between them to eliminate stress, and cross contamination. We supply complimentary blankets, food, and bowls if you choose not to bring your own. We have a fully equipped kitchen in case your dog has a special diet. All pets are bathed by one of our certified groomers when it is time to go home.

Cat Boarding, Dog Cat

Cat Boarding

Each cat is in their own condo with two spacious levels for them to roam around. Our condos are located away from the boarded dogs to minimize stress. We have an outside cat porch where our staff can provide some extra attention to the cats that need it or some entertainment for those that just enjoy the fresh air and watching the local wildlife, weather permitting. We provide cat food and litter at no extra charge if you choose not to bring your own. We also supply plush blankets for each cat.

Exotic Pet Boarding

Exotic Pet Boarding

We are able to board bunnies, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, etc. as long as the materials are provided. We need the enclosure, bedding, food, and anything that your pet requires. We have multiple outlets if your pet requires heating lamps.

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