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This month we announced the start of our major hospital renovation! Construction is now three weeks underway, and so much has changed already.

These upgrades will help us better serve you and your pets. We are very excited for our facility to be more efficient and comfortable for your family and our staff. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through this process.

Check out the progress:

The front lobby benches have been removed, flooring is being replaced and new electrical is going in.

The front desk and reception area are also getting a HUGE makeover!

Alibi working hard as usual.


*Please Note: Construction will not affect our regular business in terms of veterinary services, grooming, or boarding. We will remain open for the duration of the renovation. Please use the middle set of doors rather than the usual hospital entrance and exit at the front of the building.

If you have any questions or concerns during our renovation process please feel free to ask via phone or email.

As always we appreciate your support!

Dr. Elia and Staff