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Thank you all for your support of our 2nd annual Open House event on October 1st! We had over 100 people stop by for a visit, get pictures taken, make a craft or two and have some food. We enjoyed seeing each and every one of you- old friends and new! We appreciate your support and hope to count on you in the years to come!

Don’t spook your pooch

As the holiday season approaches please remember our pets don’t always enjoy the holidays as much as we do. As fun and scary as Halloween is for us, it can just be plain scary for our furry friends! Some dogs enjoy the company that trick or treating brings and others feel it is their duty to defend the house against all the ghosts and goblins, superheroes and princesses that stop by for a visit! If your pet is normally very social it’s fine to let them be a part of the day. If they tend to be on the shy, timid or anxious side it might be best for them to stay in a quiet part of the house, crated or in a room with the TV on to help distract from the ringing door bell.

Stop the chocolate cravings

After the day’s festivities are over, Halloween candy can be a tempting treat for dogs to get into. The best case scenario is a little vomiting and diarrhea from eating sweets, the worst case is chocolate toxicity or a foreign body from ingesting things they shouldn’t! If you have concerns your pet got into something they shouldn’t have, call the office to discuss.

Kitty Kat

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat I would suggest keeping them inside on the days/night surrounding Halloween, especially if they are black. Sadly, it’s an easy time of the year for cats to go missing. If you find your pet has wondered off, contact your local animal control officer to help you reunite with your best friend.

Check out some of the cute pet costumes we saw at our Open House!