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Spring has sprung! With the onset of warm weather we are all out and about more, and most of the time that means our pets are too! Spending more time outside means our furry friends are more susceptible to diseases transmitted by other critters and parasites. Lyme disease as everyone knows is transmitted when an infected tick bites your dog and stays attached for a period of time. Flea and tick preventatives, either ingested orally or applied topically, help to keep these pesky critters from biting and latching. A Lyme disease vaccine was developed many years ago for dogs and I recommend this vaccine to animals at risk for contracting Lyme disease. These are dogs who live in heavily wooded areas, spend a lot of time outside in the grass, or go hiking. At your dog’s annual visit this year, talk to your vet about these lifestyle vaccines and see if they may be right for your dog. Read through the infographic below to learn more about this disease. Enjoy the warm weather – I know I will- and check back next month!

Dr. Elia