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Health insurance is a hot topic, but have you ever thought about insurance for your pet? We have insurance for everything else these days – from our cars to our computers – so why not our pets?! Pet insurance policies have come a long way over the years, with many new companies saturating the market, competing for your business. To avoid expensive surprises, I recommend looking into pet insurance policies. When an emergency arises, your pet’s policy will help you avoid making difficult emotional and financial decisions.

Expect the Unexpected

Our furry companions are like family members, so when they get sick or injured, making sure they have the best health care is crucial. I recommend pet insurance for these unfortunate, unexpected moments. The unexpected can be as simple as an ear infection requiring a vet visit and medication. Or worse, the unexpected could be a fractured leg or a gastrointestinal blockage – requiring surgery and a hospital stay. Having pet insurance puts your financial stresses to rest, so you can focus on your ailing pet.

How Pet Insurance Works

With most companies, pet insurance is paid by a monthly premium for a certain level of coverage.  When an emergency happens, pet owners pay the clinic directly and the insurance company reimburses the out of pocket expense. In some cases, the total out of pocket expense may only be a fraction of the total bill. Pet owners with insurance often find it much easier to address issues early, knowing they will receive a portion of the bill back to their pocket in a short period of time (sometimes same day).

Don’t Wait Unit Disaster Strikes

I advise owners to purchase the level of coverage they are most comfortable with paying on a regular basis.  Petinsurancereview.com is a  great website to compare costs and level of coverage for most companies. Based on client satisfaction, two companies I recommend are PetPlan and Trupanion. They both offer comprehensive coverage and stipulations on pre-existing conditions (such as if your pet has had an ear infection in the past).  They also offer quick pay/online portals and easy to use mobile apps to make claims even easier to get reimbursed for. The best time to start an insurance policy is when your pet is a puppy or kitten (though it’s never too late!) Many companies offer a free 30 day trial and upgradable coverage when the trial is complete. Don’t wait until disaster strikes!  Feel free to ask about insurance at your next visit with your pet!