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We would like to take this blog post to highlight our past year…

We currently work closely with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Society and support them in the work they do in the animal rescue field.  We currently offer new adopters a free first exam and help them learn about their new pet’s needs for years to come to help them remain healthy.  Dr. Elia does a lot of medical work for the animals in St. Hubert’s care, from routine surgeries and vaccines to more complicated medical work ups or hospitalization at a discounted rate.  Behind the scenes, the kennel portion of the hospital serves as a waystation for pet transports.  Wednesday is waystation day and you will frequently find the transport rig dropping animals off for a one or two night stay in our kennel.  Our kennel staff will have prepared a section of runs with food, water, and bedding for our guests.  After their stay, the animals are transported up the eastern seaboard or to local shelters with spaces to fill.  Frequently the dogs will stay in the St. Hubert’s system and may be neutered or have medical services provided here at the hospital before they move to the adoption floor.  Read more about the waystation program here.

During hurricane season, the hospital was ready to see hurricane victims if necessary.  Although none needed immediate medical attention, Dr. Elia volunteered her time to perform health examinations on the imported animals at the Madison campus before they could move to their next destination.

We continue our work with the various municipalities that use our kennel for impoundment services.  Sometimes these animals need immediate medical attention and we do what is necessary to get them healthy.  Since taking over the practice as The Animal Hospital of Roxbury, the township euthanasia of stray animals has dropped to less than 5% of total animals impounded.  Those that have been euthanized have been too sick to save or after a behavior evaluation, are deemed a bite risk to the public.

This year, we added another rescue group to our roster with Bully Rescue Warriors.  They are a small local rescue group who work primarily with bully breeds in foster-to-adopt type settings.  They do a great job of advocating for a misunderstood breed and getting them on the right track to forever homes.  We support them in the work they do by providing their basic medical needs, spaying, and neutering while they are a part of the program.

If you have followed along throughout the year with our online advertising campaigns and specials you will see that we have a monthly offer or promotion to help take care of your pet.  This year we have worked to educate about various diseases your pets can be vaccinated against, the importance of preventative care, and parasite preventatives.  We hope you were able to take advantage of our vaccination special pricing, discounts on preventatives, or this month’s holiday promotion of 10% off your entire veterinary visit.  We have a referral program that runs year-long to give you and a friend you refer a $20 credit for trying us out.  A referral is the best compliment you can give our new practice.

Thank you to all of our clients, both long standing and new, for supporting us in 2017.  We appreciate each and every one of you, your pets, new and old, and for recommending us to your family and friends.


From our family to yours – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!