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Perfectly Prepared

Winter can be a fun time for some, and not so fun for others!  Some dogs love playing in the snow, romping around and catching snow balls while others don’t want to step foot outside. Winter is an ideal time to bring your pet into the vet for a wellness exam. Cold weather can be difficult on pets in old age, with arthritis and other medical conditions.  You can make things a bit more enjoyable for the less enthusiastic family members by getting them a warm coat, shoveling a pathway for potty breaks, and limiting outside time.  Pets still need exercise in the winter so playing ball with them in the house, hide and seek or even cutting back on food and treats a bit can help keep them from putting on some winter weight!

Combed, Clean & Comfortable

If your dog loves being outside, be smart about play time!  Even if your dog seems to be enjoying themselves, if they start shivering – they are getting too cold.  Make sure you check foot pads, especially on long haired breeds, to remove impacted snow and ice that can make it uncomfortable for them to walk.  Booking your pet for a grooming session to cut off excess hair that traps snow and ice may be a good idea! If your pets’ skin does become red or irritated, we recommend washing the area with a mild soap and applying a healing cream, which you can pick up either at our online or in-house pharmacy.

Beat the Boredom

If you have an indoor-outdoor kitty, their needs must be considered in the winter months too! Cats may be less then enthusiastic about the outdoors once the white stuff covers the ground.  Make sure litter boxes that may not be used often in the summer are kept clean. Cut back on food a bit to help with winter weight and try encouraging playtime with laser pointers, fishing poles or balls to ward off boredom.  If you take care of outdoor-only felines, consider making them a house to get out of the elements and make sure water bowls are free of ice or changed often.

The nice thing about Roxbury / Ledgewood weather is the seasons- just when we get tired of one season we are onto the next!  We hope you enjoy the winter with your furry friends!